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Let’s Build Up Our Local Workforce

Launching careers is a community effort: while we’re the experts in engineering and mentoring, we’re partnering with select organizations to help give participants the most well-rounded program possible. Through events, networking, projects, donations, lectures, and more, you can help make our community even greater.

In addition to the specific benefits described in each program below, all partners and sponsors get logo placement on our website and event publicity for the semester(s) affected.

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Project Partners

The power of Exelaration’s mentoring model is rooted in experiential learning. That means we need real clients to serve as the training vehicle for our participants. But don’t worry; all projects are led by expert software engineers with decades of experience. Get your mission critical, state-of-the-art software built while building a talent pipeline and supporting an impactful mission.

Workforce Partners

Get the word out about this opportunity by connecting Exelaration with prospective program participants in your network! Our programs primarily focuses on building the careers of underemployed, underrepresented, and displaced populations. Partnerships with community nonprofits, economic development organizations, and other associations are essential for reaching passionate technophiles ready to make the jump in their career.

Event Sponsors

Networking and relationship building is critical for growing your career. And what better way to do that than at happy hour? Each semester, we gather our community, alumni, and active cohort together in lively events that bring the community together to share stories, missions, and snacks.

Hardware Sponsors

Our participants are not required to own any particular hardware or tools to join the program. Factors like financial challenges may limit people’s access to top notch tech. By contributing items such as laptops and other technology peripherals, you can ensure all participants are on equal footing.

Business Experience Partners

There’s more to a successful tech career than computers and coffee runs. Help expose participants to what it’s actually like to work in the tech world and essential workplace skills through office tours, lectures, and more.

Current Partners & Sponsors


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